What goes up, must come down, but for many people abseiling is the scariest part. This adrenaline-fueled session is great for confidence building.


A sport of patience and agility. You may find a hidden talent for this ancient skill.

Beach Games

We know the best way to enjoy those sunny summer beach days, with games and competitions to make the most of our incredible coastline.

Blind Trail

Learn all about your senses by taking this blindfold challenge, designed to improve confidence, challenge perceptions and work on their communication skills.

Buggy Build

Can you build a buggy from a few simple materials? Work in team to build your vehicle and race them through the course.


Build a fire, make a den, filter water, this session will give you the basic survival skills to living in the wild.

Crate Stack

A favourite with all our groups. Work in pairs to build a tower of crates beneath you until they all come tumbling down, leaving you hanging in the tree canopy.

Fairy Walk

Hear the unique story of the Stouthall fairies, make a wand and spell, then learn everything you need to know to track fairies in our woods. Then finish up with a fairy gardening lesson!

Gower Hike

With a location like ours, we can't resist an opportunity to take in the scenery including the sweeping landscapes and golden beaches.


Use a map and compass to guide your way through the site, solving the puzzle to unlock the treasure chest.

Scavenger Hunt

An old favourite. Enjoy the full extent of the house and ground with this team challenge. Guaranteed to get everyone settled in and enjoying themselves.

Ships Ladder

Our 14m wooden and rope ladder is a tough climb for all ages but a great confidence builder!

Stouthall School of Witchraft and Wizardry

A full day programme for any budding witches and wizards, including potions lessons, wand selection and graduation. Call us for more information on this once in a lifetime experience.

Tree Climbing

The final challenge of the week is the climb to the summit of our 14m climbing tree. Unlike a climbing wall our trees offer a unique tree climbing experience, not for the faint hearted!

Water Challenge

Only teamwork, communication and determination will get you to the end of the course. A must for any teamwork focused programme and guaranteed fun!


If you are looking for a watersport experience, we can add Kayaking, SUP, Sailing, Surfing or Body Boarding to your programme through our trusted partners. A great way to experience the beautiful Gower coastline.