Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Development Courses

At Carreg Adventure we deliver the skills training for the 4 employability skills in a dynamic programme with a variety of engaging delivery styles offered from the beautiful setting of Stouthall Country Mansion.

Our flexible range of provision from residential, non-residential and in-school means that Schools and Colleges have the flexibility to choose the programme that helps them best. We have designed programmes that cover all four levels from KS4 to Post-16 Advanced.

In line with the Donaldson Report, skills learned are put into practice through contextual mini games and challenges. Regular reflection sessions ensure personal developments. Speakers and trainers with relevant, professional experience provide quality training and inspirational guidance for learners.

Our suite of programmes can be used across the school journey to create linked up programmes with real impact and tangible outcomes. We have offerings to cover Community and Enterprise challenges in a sustainable way with a variety of timetabling options.

Contact us for a discussion of how we can fit in and compliment your existing provision in a cost effective way.